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Sharpening of paper drill bits on bench-top machines like:

Uchida, Lihit Lab, Stago PB, Nagel Citoborma and Ozfold PD


Dispose of discoloured drill bits as they do not hold their edge, get blocked easily and may damage your sharpening tool.

1. The cutting edge on the sharpening tool should be inspected frequently to ensure it is sharp and free from nicks.
2. Place sharpening tool on the baseboard and align the point directly under the bit. 
3. Turn on the drill motor. 
4. Bring the handle gently down until a squeal is heard as the sharpening tool removes tiny black shavings from your drill bit.
5. Removing the burr from the cutting edge should be done sparingly by holding the oil stone flat on the side of the rotating bit and moving it downward on to the burr. Take care to hold the stone parallel to the side of the bit at all times. A small amount of burr is good as it helps to make the drill bit travel through the paper freely.
6. Stop the drill motor and check the bit for sharpness. It should be as sharp as a very sharp knife. If necessary repeat the above.
7. Adjust the drilling depth to just mark the baseboard, do not reset deep during drilling. Rather, change the position of the baseboard. Drilling deeply into the baseboard will dull your drill bit sooner.
8. Paraffin or similar lubrication assists the passage of chips and help prevent overheating of drill bits. Regularly touch the cutting edge and side of the bit as to apply lubricant to the chips as they move up through.

Teflon coated drill bits do not need lubrication, keep cooler, last longer and are great for difficult jobs.

Mechanical Power Stroke or Hydraulic Operated Paper Drills
 Remove the drill bit/bits from your machine. Use a drill press and a small size drill press vice to hold the sharpening tool, allowing the sharpening tool to centre it self under the drill bit. Run drill press at 2500rpm or more. Follow instructions as above.
 Note: A special chuck adaptor will be needed for non cylindrical fittings.

Keeping drill bits sharp will greatly improve their lifespan, machine wear and job quality

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